Chenille Throne

by Leonard the Comet

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released September 25, 2010

Ben Knollenberg played trumpet on tracks 3 and 7.
Katie Munck played violin on tracks 1, 2, 7, 9, and 10.
Krista Rasmussen wrote the synth part for track 2 and played bongos on track 3.
Tom Teslik played lead guitar, drums, and sang backup on track 2 and played bongos on track 4.
All other stuff was played by Nathan Schaefer, who also wrote these songs.
All songs on this album © 2005-2010 Nathan Schaefer



all rights reserved


Leonard the Comet Santa Cruz, California

Leonard the Comet is the solo recording project of Nathan Schaefer of Santa Cruz, CA.

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Track Name: Walter's Guitar
A hostel built all carefree
With a screen room where we all shot the breeze
With vagrants and drifters from afar

Walter was straight from Switzerland
Took a break to get his thoughts straightened
He'd left his lover but brought us his guitar

Away from the mangrove trees
We all shared beliefs
Things grew cold
But Walter was wiser than most

Well the lady from Perth was growing absurd
And she told me my country's devoid of culture
So I said "at least we're not sons of convicts"
And taught her about baseball and Route 66
She'd hit the bottle, so she started to yell
While I fought for our broken liberty bell
And she asked why we messed around in others' affairs
And I said it's 'cause our guns are bigger than theirs
Then in this loud moment all full of despair
I remembered it's not worthwhile to care
And I played Walter's guitar
Track Name: Decisions
She makes decisions, ones that I could never make
'Cause my head's on leave, looking for sideways figure eights
I can't process all this looking up and feeling down
So I'm skipping town

And I'll get some coffee and donuts
In a truck stop playing Buck Owens
Somewhere warm and far away

I know there's violence in your mind that I can't see
And you're trying to beat down nostalgic memories
Well I want to be there, riot shield and hose and all
But I dropped the ball

And I'm seeing summer in Claremore
Leaving Columbia airport
And I can't catch a ride back home

Well you've done swell, yeah, you've got such piece of mind
You're looking straight ahead like you've got horses' blinds
I know that you've been told a thousand times that it's okay
Sorry it's all I could think to say
Track Name: Tired of Fighting the Man
It's 2 AM and I wanna go home
But I'm stuck in a mob and everybody's stoned
We're fighting for the weak and the poor
By flailing around to the same three chords

I'm so tired of fighting the man
This mosh pit is the last I can stand
And I don't think that I'm gonna last
'Cause this here government could kick all our asses

I don't see how this party's gonna change a thing
Chuck Taylor just kicked me in the face

Thrown backward out of the angry mob
Start to feeling like a music snob
This song sounds like it's from '82
But we're all screaming like we hear something new

I'm so tired of fighting the man
This mosh pit is the last I can stand
And I don't think that I'm gonna last
'Cause this here government could kick all our asses

Can't tell if this band agrees with Friedman or John Keynes
Suppose that they're firm believers only in cocaine

So stand up on a stage 'cause you wanna make a change
But the politicians play a game and say they'll do the same thing
You sit down, your words get drowned out, they give their friends handouts and kowtow
To John D. Rockefeller, even though he's dead
Yeah his money's more important than anything you said
So you try to blow the whistle on this national disgrace, but all are busy counting freckles on Lindsay Lohan's face
Track Name: Spoiled Brat
I was the fortunate son
Also the only one
I had a Genesis; you had an old NES
You tried to keep your shoes tied
And do the dishes on time
But I was 4'5"
I didn't pay any mind

The rules were black and white
But sometimes gray for me
You liked to protest and fight
I was a quiet geek
You're still bruised, obviously
And always on the attack
But what do you blame on me?
I'm not a spoiled brat

For every injustice to which you've been exposed
There's someone else pulling the ropes

In the countryside
Out near Jalalabad
You heard about imperialists who ungraciously trod
On the holy land
Worshiping cars and name brands
While you struggled to scrape
A living from the sand

And we're all living in sin
Got hookers and double chins
The Russians blew up your school
You thought that you'd fought to win
And now you're on the run
Stockpiling ammo and guns
I wish you wouldn't do that
I'm not a spoiled brat

Murdering everyone who you think's got it good
Won't rebuild your neighborhood
Track Name: Cabin Fever
Freedom rings like jingle bells
And sure as pennies fall to wishing wells
We'll storm the fort and raise our flag
While listening to Superdrag
But days go by
And I'm wasting time
The truth is that everything will never be just fine

Fun in the sun
Get away from everything and everyone
Walls are coming down
So you best pack your bags and get on out of town

The world's a rat and you're the snake
But you never realized your teeth were fake
The world's a sunset and you're the sky
But you can't bring yourself to say goodbye
To be problem kids
And we'll never have to stand behind one bit of our real lives

Love is in the air
So you best kill your friends if you want your share
And it's hard for me to say
But I want everything in the worst way

(I can't help but feel a certain way when I look out the window and see a new sunny day)
Track Name: Chenille Throne
It's been a long day
Return to the autocratic state
You try to call your home
You're there first and last
Hoping all who enter kiss your ass
As you scowl from your chenille throne

Harboring hate, you forgo movies, friends, and dates
To keep a watchful eye
Lips angrily curled, you listen for a shot that could be heard 'round the world
After it's amplified

You make our lives hell
And in return, you only elevate your own blood pressure while
You see red
Helpless like a child who wets her bed

Because you see
All these things on liquid crystal screens
And you've got facts
Vital knowledge everyone else lacks
But you can't act
Fighting mad but stuck with talking smack
For all you've fought,
Have you ever devoted a single thought
To what you've won,
And realized fighting for fake labels might just be a distraction?
Track Name: Unemployment Song
Life goes on in slow circles while
You lie in bed in strategic denial
Of the fact the world could solve its problems without you
And when you die, your molecules will be reused
Everything you own is made of dirt, just like you are
And your whole world is just a speck next to a star

Meaningless days go into nights
Being heard requires endless fighting
A million other people all feel just the same
Potential comrades who will never know your name
Technology helps you reach out across time and space
But can't provide you with real friends who know your face

So take a bath, put on some clothes
Some mindless task will fill the hole
Your ego will often deprive you of feeling alive
Track Name: Unsatisfied
Give me everything I want, and I'll find some way to be unsatisfied
Time moves on, I'm still yawning
Despite attempts to remain starry-eyed
The greener grass is brown, but it's hard to kick the past out of my mind
My selfishness astounds me
I'll keep on walking straight and close my eyes

Run all you can
To the promised land
But when you see it, it's just sand
Yeah, life goes bland
So move onto the next thing

Show me everything I'm not, and I'll kick myself for falling so behind
Complacency's a rot on my temporary peaceful state of mind
Focus on what I've got, but the thought's derailed by envy all the time
I know that I've forgotten what it was like to work for what's now mine

So stay in town
Or move around
But no matter how great your life sounds
It all goes down
Once you hit the ceiling

Sometimes it helps to wait the next turn
Sometimes it helps to let it all burn first
I forgot how much I don't remember
There's another August past December
But I don't even wanna know that
I don't even wanna go back anymore
Track Name: Flipping Off the Coach
I'm flipping off the coach
Tired of being nervous about taking my own approach
And I'm packing up this coat
Want to step outside without being afraid it might snow

I'm taking back what's mine
Kicking over all the garbage that precludes peace of mind
And I'll stick to my own lines
I've been lost fighting in arguments that weren't even mine

I don't care which side I'm on, when all the sides float on the same hot air
We've all gone and joined angry mobs, none of which are quite sure why they're still there

David won; the giant's dead
And a million little people took his place
News about the slingshot spread
The stones will fly right when you show your face
All fights are for egos now, not food or water, shelter, or airspace
Can't help but feel lost in this crowd, which forgot why it formed in the first place